Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 13...The Science Lab

Day 13...The Science Lab, originally uploaded by Frazzled LaShawn.

I am fascinated by mundane things in other people's lives. I like knowing silly things. What is their favorite food? Where did they meet their husband? What is on their play list? So at the urging of a friend...HERE ARE THE CONTENTS OF MY REFRIGERATOR (you are excited I can tell):

2% milk (cause whole is nasty and Jason won't touch skim)
Butter (the real kind...not nasty margarine)
Creamer (flavored...Chocolate Caramel)
BBQ Sauce (3 kinds, cause I am finicky)
Kool-aid (Sugar Free)
Miracle Whip (cause I love that tangy zip)
Mayo (for making ranch and cooking...not for sandwiches)
Chicken Broth (use it a lot)
Sage leaves
Coffee (leaded and unleaded)
Cream (for cooking)
Dog Food (free sample...the dogs love it)
Cinnamon Rolls (we make them on weekends)
Leftovers from last night
Apples (green Grannie Smith...the only kind Jason really likes)
Lunch meat
Baby Carrots
Cheese (many cheese)
Wine (Pinot Grigio at the moment)
Salsas (about 10 kinds...we love salsa)
Anti-biotic (for Chase)
Salad Dressings (Ranch and a few Vinaigrettes)
Ketchup, Mustards, and other assorted condiments
Sweet and Sour
Stir Fry Sauce
Country Crock
Slim Fast (for days I don't want to eat breakfast)

It is usually not this nice...I am bad about cleaning it out. But, Jason and I cleaned it out this weekend. Usually I have some science experiments in caught me on a good day.