Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 12...Walmart

Day 12...Walmart, originally uploaded by Frazzled LaShawn.

I think Walmart goes out of their way to hire stupid people. There is no other explanation for it in my view.

Example of the day:

I was doing MEGA shopping today. With us being gone to Lubbock last week and Thanksgiving coming up, I needed a lot of stuff. After fighting for an hour to get all the things I need without killing or maiming anyone (this is why I don't like to grocery shop on weekends), I make it to the checkout. I notice that as the checker checks out the person ahead of me he seems a little dumbfounded and agitated. Not good. But, I don't have time to move lines.

It's my turn. I, being the nice and courteous shopper that I am, immediately hand him my coupons so that he knows I have them. He begins scanning my things. All is going first. Over $200 later we are down to my last item....sage leaves. Sounds easy enough...apparently not. The bar code is not scanning. The checker, Geraldy (eastern European I gather from his accent), looks at me as if I am supposed to know what Walmart protocol is in this situation. He tries to scan them 5 more times. You know they say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action many times and expecting a different result.

"Do you know how this was?", he asked in a very heavy accent

"No. Those are the only fresh sage leaves ya'll have. I just grabbed them," I say...sweetly of course.

"You need for these today?," he asks, hopefully.

"I wouldn't be purchasing them today if I didn't need them," I state...sweetly of course.

Again he looks dumbfounded.

Finally, as if he has suddenly been given supernatural wisdom, he goes to find the price. YES, finally I can get out of Walmart.

He comes back, looking dejected. "CRAP," I think...sweetly of course.

Finally a woman in a red vest appears. We all know the red vest people are the smart ones in Walmart. OK so they are the ones that have worked their long enough to at least have a clue. She gets it all straightened out. Thank you goddess of Walmart.

Then...he forgets my coupons and I have to go to Customer Service to straighten it out. I didn't want his head to explode or anything.

Next time why don't they just put the bag over my head and suffocate me?