Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day #2...daydreaming

Day #2...daydreaming, originally uploaded by Frazzled LaShawn.

Today was a good day. Kree and I decided to head out to IKEA and well any day in which I get to go to IKEA is a good day. Being that I am in my domestic mood still, I picked up a few items for the kitchen. I love just walking around in there. Brodie likes to go just cause he gets to go play in the playroom for an hour while I shop. After IKEA we headed out to lunch. Kree has been out of town and I have been busy so we haven't had a lot of time to chat lately. We had a good chat over lunch and enjoyed some mighty tasty Mexican food.

The picture was taken in Kree's car. We stopped off to pick up Austin at school and Chase needed to be fed (he is getting a cold and is NOT patient with Mommy at the moment) so we stayed in the car. I found myself staring at the trees while Chase was nursing. I love fall. Today was crisp and sunny. I loved it. It could stay this kind of weather year round and I would love it.