Saturday, November 04, 2006


*This was a picture taken OF a picture..that is why it isn't that great. Our scanner is being retarded.*

Jason took Austin to Tigermania last night. It was an event for just the Tiger Scouts in the area. Yes, my husband went to an event with 150 six year olds. We have all developed a cold and Jason wasn't feeling that great, but he still took him. Austin had a BLAST! Jason, because of his love for me and the boys, will do things that he doesn't always want to do just because it makes us happy. I doubt that last night with a sore throat and a cough his idea of fun was being in a room of screaming 1st graders, but he took Austin. That is devotion to your children.

Austin, Brodie and Chase may not realize what a wonderful man Jason is yet, but they will know as they get older. I am thankful every day that Jason works so hard to be such a wonderful dad. He lets NOTHING get in the way of that. The boys and I are truly blessed to have him.