Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Still here...still pregnant

My Inbox is overflowing, my phone it rings constantly....yes, I am still pregnant. I have decided that Chase will have the nickname Putter for a while. Why you ask? Because every time something gets started it putters out. I went for a walk last night and got some more contractions going, but they PUTTERED out overnight. My frustration level is high and I am VERY emotional. Jason is not too sure what to make of me right now....but he is trying. It is HORRIDLY hot and humid today for a preggo lady...so I plan on walking in the mall tonight....maybe I can get some non-puttering going on.

I had an old lady in Walmart just tell me that I should not be out and about without my husband this close to my due date. Old people crack me up. They are the same ones that you can hear gasp when I raise my hands over my head or pick up a 5 lb sack of potatoes.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning and if there has been no change there may be begging occur. I hate to ask for them to induce me, but really...this kid does NOT need to be born after this weekend. There is too much stuff that will get messed up and it will be a living stress hell if he is born after about Saturday. My dad is pulling for Chase to hold out until Friday (Dad's birthday). Dad, I hope he beats you! I may just have to get the guts to say, "I know you want to wait one more week Dr, but I think it is time to do something". We will see.

And, no that is not a new sonogram pic. I am just reminding myself there is a child in there....even if he doesn't seem to want to come out. I have a nice womb :-)