Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

As much as I want Chase to be born I would rather he wait until tomorrow. As many of you know today is Cinco De Mayo. Now, my husband and I have a special affection for Mexico. And Cinco De Mayo is a great party holiday. However, I just don't want my kid born on Cinco De Mayo. Call me crazy, but it to me is just setting him up to be a out of hand party child. Can you imagine? He is in college and says to his friends, "I am turning 21 AND it is Cinco De Mayo, TEQUILA anyone?!" Yes, I am nuts and pregnancy is screwing with my brain. I am aware that when he is 21 it won't matter if it his birthday OR Cinco De Mayo, there will probably be alcohol involved...I am not THAT dillusional.

In other news, Jason got me my Mother's Day gift last purse I have been wanting. He spoils me :-) I am off to play Go Fish with Brodie. He cheats, so I am sure I will lose...again.

Have a safe Cinco De Mayo all.....since I can't join in the party, have a few for me Vegas people!