Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I so badly want to post all about Chase's birth, but the tired has kicked in. Things are going great. Of course we are not getting a lot of sleep. Chase seems to be battling some gas issues right now. I am trying to figure out if it is something I am eating or if he is just adjusting since my milk has come in. Jason is off all this week and has been keeping Brodie busy as well as getting in lots of cuddle time with Chase. I knew from how Jason is with Austin and Brodie that he would be a great father, but he is exceeding my expectations. He is very gentle and loving and VERY involved. When Austin and Brodie were little I had very little help, so it has been WONDERFUL! My mom and Grannie went home yesterday. They did SO much to help us while here. THANK YOU a million times!!! I promise in the next few days I will get a more elaborate post. Austin is having his Kindergarten end of the year program on Friday. He is so excited that his NEW brother will get to be there. He can't wait to show him off. He took pictures to school and they are displayed in the classroom. Both Austin and Brodie are such good big brothers and so willing to help.