Thursday, May 11, 2006

Baby Pool

OK, so my mom has suggested a Baby pool. I say, let's do it. Whoever guesses closest to the delivery date and time gets a prize (as mom said, probably not a GOOD prize, but a prize). This would be a good time for all you people who read and never COMMENT to leave me a comment. Mom has picked Friday 5/12@ 8:45 pm. Anyone else care to take a guess? Anyone can commnet by clicking on the white comments link below.

P.S. I know there are about 55 of you that read daily and don't comment. I have a stat counter for this reason. DE-LURK PEOPLE!!!!

**Update** Jason has called Saturday 5/13 at 8:43am. I am not sure where my bet is placed yet

**Update 2** I have decided to place my bet on Sunday. Only because it is Mother's Day. So I say, Sunday 5/14 at 4 am.