Monday, May 22, 2006

Chase Birth Story

Ok, I just fed Chase and the other two are eating a snack. I am going to attempt to write Chase's birth story now. Let's see how far I get.

I went to the Labor and Delivery floor on Friday, May 12 for a Non-stress test, since I was past due. While there two things happened. Chase started showing a heart arrhythmia and my blood pressure spiked. It looked like they might keep me, but both things cleared themselves up. They think his heart arrhythmia was just him going through a transition period. So after a few hours, I got sent home. I was bummed. All Friday night and into Saturday morning I became convinced that I was not having this kid until my mom left. I was having maybe one or two Braxton Hicks every few hours and they were weak. Saturday morning Jason, my mom, the boys and I all went out and did a little shopping. When we got home, around 11:15 am, my mom started making pizza with the boys. I was standing in the kitchen talking to my mom when I felt a warm gush. It wasn't like a soak the floor gush. It felt like I was peeing, but I couldn't stop. I ran to the bathroom and tried to figure out what in the world it was. I knew it could be my water breaking, but I also knew that it could have been just too much pressure on my bladder. So I put on a new pantyliner and went back to the kitchen to tell my mom what happened. As I was telling my mom and Jason, it happened again. My mom and I got to laughing so hard that it happened more. Finally after soaking through many pads I decided this was too much fluid to be urine. We called the on call doctor who had me go to the hospital. I still was not having any contractions.

There is a quick in the room pH test that they do in the hospital to determine if your water has broken. Mine came back negative. I was bummed. However, they had another more accurate test that they wanted to run, because they like me knew that this was too much to be urine. It took an hour or so and the test came back positive. Now we at least knew I was not going home. Jason's parents hit the road for the 6 hour drive from Lubbock. My doctor wanted to wait a few hours before starting any pitocin or other medications in hopes that my body would go into full blown labor on its own. I had a few contractions over those few hours, but nothing "good". Finally, we started pitocin. That stuff had barely hit my IV and I was contracting every 2 mins HARD and long. I was in major pain. They gave me a shot and very soon after I was asking for epidural. AT 6:30 we were told I was dilated 5 cms. I slept from the time they gave me my epidural until the time I started pushing. It was a LOVELY epidural. Around 8:00 pm it was time to start pushing. At 8:18 pm, Chase Don was born. My mom got to cut the cord (Jason did not want to...he is not big on cutting fleshy stuff on humans). It was so awesome. They immediately laid him on my chest and let him stay there until he found his way to my breast and we latched on and he nursed. It was so amazing. I know this is my third, but it does not make it any less amazing. This was by FAR my easiest delivery. Many of you know the horror of my oldest son's birth and my second son's was not all that easy.

Jason's parents made it to the hospital very soon after the birth and were able to hold Chase right after Jason gave him his first bath. It was a blessing that everyone got to be there to witness his early minutes of life (except my Daddy...sorry Daddy...wish you were there).

Well, I will continue this later...Chase is calling for a diaper change.