Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yet another reason to love my husband:

From the moment I picked Austin up from school yesterday both boys began begging for me to call Jason and have him come home to play baseball. The first few days of the month are always the busiest for Jason at work. Despite the fact that he had to work later than normal, he hurried in the door, quickly ate something and immediately took the boys out to play baseball. Now, mind you, he doesn't HAVE to do these things. It has never been about the HAVE TO'S with Jason. The thing that makes him such and awesome step-dad is that he WANTS to.

This picture cracks me up. Brodie was marching up and down the yard cause he wanted to play the "coach". So he was yelling and encouraging Austin the whole time. Remind anyone of Lyndon and me playing football??? I am so proud of Austin. The child has an arm. He can throw the ball better than most 6 year olds I have seen. He even managed to catch several flyballs. I really expected him to be more timid about getting in front of the ball.

Just thought I would share. Happy Tuesday all.

Yes, I am still pregnant and we aren't going to talk about that!