Thursday, January 31, 2008

Worst mother ever...

So, here is the run down.

Jason - Upper respiratory infection and the flu
Brodie - ear infection and the flu
Chase - the flu
Austin - the flu (caught early so we got on the Tamiflu quickly)

So why am I the worst mother ever?

My kids did not receive their flu shots this year. YUP! Our family doctor had me get mine when I was like 38 weeks pregnant and happened to be in his office with Chase. Chase couldn't get one then because he had a fever. The day we were taking all the boys to get theirs was the day that I ended up in the hospital to have Evan. It just slipped through the cracks since then. BAD MOM!

So far Evan and I seem to be OK. Which is good since neither of us can take the Tamiflu if we get it. My mom is on her way down for the weekend to help out just in case I do end up sick.

I think it has been 30 seconds since I Lysoled everything...time for another round.