Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Barren Wastelands...

7:00 am

The boys are eating their breakfast, preparing for the day ahead. Coffee in hand I feel colder than normal. We are in a barren wasteland. It seems empty. There is information I need that I can not retrieve. Answers need to be found. But how? I give up on my search for the promise land and finish my morning chores. I make lunches, sign folders, get babies bundled up for the trek to school.

7:45 am

We have dropped Austin and Brodie off at school and my spirits are still low due to my stranded condition. We arrive home and I get myself another cup of coffee. Chase is playing and Evan is napping. Why can I still not find the answers I seek? Why am I still in this place?

8:15 am

I try to busy myself with idle, meaningless activities. I toy with idea of getting makeup on and doing my hair and going out shopping. Not a good idea. I still don't know the status of so many things. Why oh why am I stuck in this wasteland.

8:20 am

I have escaped the barren wasteland in which I was stranded.

The Internet is working again!