Friday, January 11, 2008

Two months...

Can you believe that Evan is already 2 months old? Well, two months and two days to be exact. It amazes me! We had his 2 month check up yesterday. He is doing wonderfully and our doctor was very impressed with him. As far as I am concerned he is one of the four smartest, most wonderful children ever! OK, so maybe I am biased.

Evan weighed a whopping 13 lbs. Would you believe that at 13lbs when he is two months old he is my smallest kid? Chase was 13 lbs 11 oz, Austin was 13 lbs 14 oz and Brodie was 15 lbs. Brodie was a VERY large baby.

Calling Evan "little guy" seems even more fitting now. He did get shots yesterday and doesn't seem to be reacting very well to them. He ran fever last night and has been quite crabby. He is normally a very quiet, laid back baby. He was NOT yesterday. He cried more yesterday than if you took all the other days of his life and added them together.

Evan's Current Likes: seriously, he loves it. He will get done nursing and get this half crooked smile on his face. It is hilarious. He also LOVES being in his sling. I need to get a picture of him in the sling. I have tried to take a picture myself, but they don't turn out. (Amanda, remind me to have you take one). He falls asleep within moments of getting in. He likes sleeping on his daddy's chest.

Current dislikes: Immunizations, tummy time (he hates being on his stomach unless it is laying on our chests, and gas.