Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I went in for my normal OB visit today. Let me start by saying that over the last week I have been having a rough time with my moods. It is a total pregnancy/stress related thing, but I hate that unfortunately it comes out in not so great Mommy moments. Anyway...on with what I was saying.

The nurse in my OB's office is fabulous!!! I love her (and my doc too, they are both just amazing). Anyway, she calls me back and notices my three boys sitting in the waiting room and she just stood there and stared for a minute. I thought, "Oh great she is wondering why the chairs are all rearranged and there is what might be a fort in the making." She takes me back, we do the scale thing and the pee in the cup thing.

As she starts to take my blood pressure she says, "Remind me how old your boys are."

"Austin is 7, Brodie will be 5 next month and Chase is 14 months."

She smiled and said, "Those boys just took me back in time. My boys are now 25, 24, and 21 and I remember how hard it was when they were little, but oh oh, I would give anything for one more day of it."

The look in her eye gave me total perspective. Yes, my boys are ROWDY! Yes, my boys are sometimes not that well behaved. And yes, sometimes my boys get on every nerve in my body.

But, someday they will not be so little. Someday I will wish they were driving me up the wall again.

I don't want to blink too many times.