Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sad, but IKEA makes me smile...

I am sad. A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked for my advice on a situation. I have known this person since we were in junior high and I love her dearly. The situation was one that I felt qualified to give some advice on as I have been involved in this situation, though on the flip side of it. Does that make sense? Oh well. Anyway, I found out that she chose to continue down what I see as a self destructive path. I hope I am wrong. Only she knows what is best for her, but I see disaster waiting for her. If she reads this I want her to know I love her, even if I think what she is doing is hurtful not only to herself but to those closest to her who have no choice in the matter. I am here!!

In other news...we went to IKEA after church today. I have mentioned before my deep love for all things IKEA. Today we dropped a pretty good amount of money. We are desperately trying to get renovations (the few we have decided on) done on the downstairs of our house so that we can start on the second floor. We bought new dresser for our bedroom (goodbye stuff I have had since I was five..Jason and I are picky) and a new TV unit for the front living room. We were going to buy a new dining room table as well, but can't decide between two. So we left that for another time. There is still much to do, but it is coming together. IKEA makes me happy!