Friday, March 16, 2007

A few of my favorite things (then I don't feel so bad)...

A gold star for who can tell the inspiration for my post title...

Last night Jason and I were discussing some of the ways we could cut back to save a little more money each month. I am the first to admit I live a comfortable life. Jason makes decent money and even with our large brood we can still afford nice things and dinners out. HOWEVER, there is always places that cuts can be made to put a little back each month. Out of the conversation came the idea to post a list of my favorite "simple" pleasures.

~ Non-Fat Marble Mocha Macchiatos from Starbucks. Yes, I know Starbucks robs people at the door, BUT it is good. I only get these once every few weeks or so.

~ My DVR! There are not many shows I like to watch anymore, so it makes me sad to miss the few I like. The DVR has changed our family (yes I realize that sounds sad). Now when we have some down time on weekends, there is always something to watch.

~ Sleep. Chase is now pretty much sleeping through the night on most nights. It has been 10 months coming and it is WONDERFUL!

~ Flowers from my boys (picked in the yard, mostly weeds).

~ Watching Chase walk in the grass trying to follow his big brothers

~ When Austin gets up in the mornings he always wants to cuddle. He is getting so big and tall and doesn't want to do that much anymore, so I love the mornings.

~ Brodie's imagination keeps me entertained all day. Everywhere we go we have a menagerie of animals with us. Snakey and the puppies are with us frequently.

~ Huge over-sized, front loading washer and dryer. Anything that makes laundry easier I love!

~ Paper plates...cause dishes rank right up there with laundry on the "dreaded household chores" scale.

~ My favorite simple pleasure is my hubby....not only is he a great husband, but he is a fabulous father. He is so involved with all three boys and they all love him. When they hear his car pull up they all yell "Daddy's Home"...well the baby just follows them. When he is here, he is here (anyone that is or has been married to someone uninvolved with the kids knows exactly what I mean).