Monday, March 12, 2007

Completely Random...

I know I am not being very good about keeping up here. Let's blame it on things being out of sync with the boys gone and Jason taking a few days off.

And now for your reading pleasure (or for you to read to help you go to sleep), randomness of things that have happened over the last few days that no one cares about:

* Friday night Jason and I went to Shana and Brad's for Bunko. Can I just say...FUN! Jason even had a good time (he is a homebody). It was good! THANKS BAKER PEOPLE!

* Thursday I had my lab practical...I am about to email my instructor to get my grade. I think I did well. It seemed VERY that means either I did well or I bombed.

* Austin and Brodie are back from Lubbock! It is so nice to have the noisy twosome back. Chase was so excited to see them

* My mom and I went to IKEA yesterday. I love that place so much. I refuse to do anymore to this house, but if/when we move I have some great ideas.

* Jason and I started our monthly rotation in the pre-school area at church yesterday. We are working with the 1 1/2 year olds. SO FUN! This one little boy got so attached to Jason that he cried when we left. Too sweet. Jason is so awesome with kids.

OK, that is all the randomness for now. I must go get a fussy baby down for a nap.

** Updated to add: I got an A on my practical! **