Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Driving lesson..

I was reading through some of my old posts on one of my older blogs and found this post. It bears repeating. Some people never learn:


OK class, today's lesson is on four-way stops. Since no one in the world seems to know how to do them right. Since EVERYONE is determined to piss me off. Pay attention...hey blue-haired old biddy, I am talking to you too!! Chewing gum in the trash, eyes up front.

Here is how a four-way stop works. WHOEVER GETS TO THE FREAKING STOP SIGN FIRST AND STOPS WINS! That means it is YOUR turn. No Grandma I will not let you wave me look like an insurance claim waiting to happen. I will get 3 ft. into the intersection and you will change your mind and you will hit me....and HELL NO!

OK, on with the lesson. If you and another person get to intersection at the same time the person on the right goes first. NO THE OTHER RIGHT MORON. If you are at an intersection that seems to be backed up, PLEASE, I beg you, pay attention to the order BEFORE it is your turn.

OK, there will be a quiz on this material tomorrow during rush will will hit me...I will be pissed...I will sue you, I will WIN!!!! Class dismissed