Monday, February 12, 2007

Wrestle Mania...

Of course when I get out the camera they stop wrestling, but it was HILARIOUS. Chase was growling and attacking Austin and Brodie, who were laughing so hard they couldn't hardly breathe. It was great.

Jason decided to take a personal day today and just hang out with us. It was nice. We don't often get him home during the day on weekdays. We spent a lot of the weekend deep cleaning and working on a few rooms of the house. I continued some of that today and he did a little painting. We have decided to stay in this house for at least another year so we are finishing up some projects we wanted to do. We also bought a new washer today. I am WAY excited about it (doesn't take much to excite a woman with a lot of laundry). It is a front loading machine that is huge. With 5 people in this house we have an insane amount of laundry and keeping up is just nearly impossible. This thing has the capacity to wash a king set of bedding. It can wash 22 bath towels in one load. SO AWESOME! It gets delivered Thursday. YAY!

It is amazing how smooth my days go when Jason is home. It is just easier with an extra set of hands and an adult to talk to.