Monday, February 19, 2007


My hair is out of control. It is taking on its own identity in our home.

Let me start at the beginning. When Jason and I first met I had dark, shoulder length-ish hair. I was in the process of growing it out from a rather unfortunate short haircut (everyone loved it but me *shrug*). Soon after we started dating I went back blond. I must say I feel I have a special right to go back and forth between blond and dark. After all, I was naturally blond for 19 years and I figure God thought I looked good that way too. Anyway, Jason liked the blond. I have been letting my hair just grow and grow. It is insanely long right now. To my waist almost. Jason loves it long. Chase also loves it. I am pretty sure Chase just thinks it is a play toy I carry around with me. He pulls it and laughs. He also likes to wrap his hands in it when I rock him to sleep. It is precious. Austin has always liked petting my hair...since he was a tiny baby. Brodie also loves to brush my hair. It is too sweet.

I am tired of my hair. I like it long. I don't think I will go above the shoulders again until I am in my 40s. BUT, I know it is too long now because I just throw it in a ponytail everyday. I do, however, do my hair properly on Sundays for church.

I think I know what I want to do with my hair, but Jason is scared I am going to chop it all off. I am telling you...too much of our family conversation revolves around my hair. It has taken over.