Saturday, February 17, 2007

Funny Guy...

Chase is now nine months old. Yes, nine! Where the time has gone I can not tell you. He has discovered that he is funny. He thinks he is the most hilarious creature ever created....go ahead ask him. He is doing so much. The baby days are passing all too quickly. He has been standing alone for a few months now, but he is getting ready to walk. He pushes things around the house and walks behind them a little too well for my taste. We have yet to get a picture, but he LOVES to take the laundry out the baskets. He takes it very seriously too. Jason plays this game where he will keep throwing the same piece of clothes back in the basket and each time Chase will throw it BACK out with a little more force than the time before. He is into EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. The people who make him smile most? THE BROTHERS!!! He thinks Austin and Brodie are almost as funny as he is. He also loves table food. He has gotten to the point he will not eat baby food anymore. I do buy him the Graduates meals and snacks and he likes those. But traditional baby food gets the ugly face made at it and the spoon pushed away. He doesn't really talk yet, but he blabbers all the time. He does say something that resembles Mama and Dada. When he is upset and looking for me he crawls around saying, "Mamamamamamamamamamamamamama". He says Dada all the time as well. Brodie and Austin are convinced he says, "Bubba" to them. (we call all our boys Bubba....I know we are redneck)

Well, I am off to watch Superman Returns with all the boys. I am not interested at all, but my presence has been requested.