Sunday, February 25, 2007

Out of the pit...

I am still reeling. I am still so full of the Spirit.

My mom and I went to Tyler on Saturday for the Beth Moore conference along with some of my friends from church. I had no idea what a major deal this was. It was simulcast to over 500 churches in North America (150,000+ people). Mom and I were just a few rows back from the front. If any of you have ever done a Beth Moore study or if you know who she is, you undoubtedly know what an awesome tool of God she is. Yesterday was her shining moment. I have NEVER heard a message with so much passion behind it. The basis of the conference was her book, Get Out of That Pit ( I mentioned it a while back), which I have read already once (and will be reading several more times).

I want so badly to be eloquent enough to express the impact this had on me. Words fail me. The final time of worship at the end was just almost too much. My chest felt as though it was about to burst (check out Travis Cottrell). Hopefully, in time I will find better words. I am renewed and re-energized and ready to finally get over some things I have been dealing with. And I got to share this wonderful day with my mom!! God is sooooo good!!!

I had a nice visit with both my mom and Jason's mom. Lesa (MIL) was supposed to fly out yesterday while my mom and I were gone, but due to the nasty wind her flight was canceled. So we got another night of both moms! We went to dinner and then my mom took Lesa back to Lubbock with her after church this morning.

It was such a GREAT weekend!