Thursday, July 06, 2006

One of those days

It has been one of those days. It is 3 in the afternoon and I just now got real clothes on. Before anyone gets the wrong idea...I did not spend my entire day lounging around in my pj's eating bon bons. I just brushed my teeth because I honestly can't remember if I got a chance to this morning before the circus began. We had a rough night last night. Well, that isn't true, we had a rough early morning this morning to be accurate. Brodie got up repeatedly, which is really rare anymore. He couldn't breathe due to allergies...Austin was also up in his bed sniffling and snotting away. The sneezing was loud...mine that is. Something blew in with these storms. All three of us were snotty messes. Jason finally got Brodie in our bed and laid with him until he crashed back out after I got everyone drugged up on Clarinex. Jason left early for work and my day began shortly after. Austin and Brodie are a bit crabby due to a bad night sleep. Chase decided that today would be "Mommy Hold Me" day.

So, I got Austin and Brodie their breakfast. Since then I have:
~Settled dozens of fights over toys
~Nursed Chase (no not just once....many many times...he seems to be hitting a spurt)
~Explained why God created a multitude of detail....with pictures. (this is Brodie's new favorite game)
~Cooked lunch..while holding a 7 week old
~Gobbled down a Lean Cuisine during the 15 minute nap I managed to get Chase to take without me holding him
~Took Austin and Brodie on a bike ride to let off some energy
~Attempted to get a load of laundry in, but was sidetracked by another round of "Who had the Ninja Turtle First"
~Finished my Application for school in the spring...while guessed, Chase.
~Cleaned up cat puke...apparantly Cloe didn't realize that she is supposed to CHEW her food.
~Finally got Chase to lay down for a nap....on my bed...with me laying there. Was able to maneuver away long enough to get a load of laundry in and to go rescue a frog from the clutches of the dogs.
~At some point I did vacuum the living room...though I can't remember when.

Chase is happily sitting in his bouncy chair at the moment and the truth is I am sore from carrying him around all day. My house looks like a tornado hit it. Truthfully, one may have come through but I am too out of it to notice. So I decided to come sit and type for a moment. Given all of this., I would not trade my life for the world. God blessed me with three wonderful boys and even when I feel lost in the shuffle I love my life.

Having said that, what time does Daddy get home?!?