Monday, July 24, 2006

Back & Prayers

We are back from our vacation....we had a great time. I will be back later to post about the trip.

While we were gone some sad events took place and I would like to ask all of my friends for some prayer. My dear friend, Shana, had a sad loss on Saturday. Her grandmother passed away. Please pray for Shana's family and especially her grandfather. I love you Shana and your grandmother was very special.

The second item of prayer is for Jason's grandfather, Otto. He fell last Monday. He has had cancer for some time. My mother in law went to check on him and he did not answer. She found him on the floor where he had been since 3 am. He was admitted to the hospital where he remains. Saturday night he had a stroke while my in laws were in the room. That is all the details I have right now. Otto is such a sweet man and we hate to see him in pain. The picture above is of Otto with the boys during our visit in June to Lubbock.

Be back later with a more upbeat post!