Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am feeling pretty good about myself today. Considering I am 30 weeks pregnant, I think I am looking pretty good. Especially since this is my third child. Brodie wanted to take pictures, so I let him take a few of me. Nevermind that I match our wall....that was not planned. I like that I feel this way now. Any of you who know me well know that my weight has fluctuated insanely the last few years. I was finally losing weight (in a healthy way for the right reasons) when I got pregnant. That has been my biggest struggle with this pregnancy....knowing that I will not look so hot after. But, I am determined to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy and to rest in the fact that I know what I have to do after the baby is born to get myself in shape. This time I am doing it for me, because I care about my own health. Not because I feel like I need to for someone else. That is a big deal for me.

However, "the girls" are getting out of hand. UGH! You women know what I mean!