Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mom and Boys

Self Pic
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The boys and I decided to take a picture of reason, just felt like it.

The boys and I have a new musical love...Jack Johnson's new CD from the Curious George Soundtrack. I love it more than they do. It is a fun CD but not little kid sounding. We love it a whole bunch. Follow the link and go listen to samples at Amazon.
In other news, we have this atomic clock in our living room. You know, one of those clocks that automatically keeps the time accurate. I am not sure of the details of HOW it works (ask Jason I am sure he can give you all the details), I just know that it is supposed to work. I think it is telling us to go to Hawaii or something. It keeps going to Hawaii time. Hmmm...
Some of you that read this know who Steve Farmer is. If you don't and you want to know you can email me and I will tell you. Anywho, I just thought I would share that he and his wife Amanda gave birth to their first child yesterday. It was a boy and they named him Jacen. I don't know any of the details as Steve and I don't really speak much, but I still keep up with them via his website. He is serving in Iraq right now, so pray for him. I know it must be hard to be away at a time like this.