Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cloe the devil

I have a total Love/Hate relationship with our cat Cloe (the light colored one in the picture). For those of you that read who do not know me in real life, let me catch you up. I love all animals, but I am a dog person. is just the way I am. I have always liked dogs more. I have no use for cats in my life for the most part. I was always allergic to them and I took that as God's way of saying, "They are evil stay away". Now, Jason and I started dating. He has these two cats, Cloe and Callie (who we call Mama). Now for the most part of our dating Mama Callie would have nothing to do with me or the kids. She is just a much more timid, keep to herself kind of cat. So we have never had a problem. THEN THERE IS CLOE!!! When we started dating Cloe also stayed away from us. Then when she was around she was constantly pissy. Now, Jason loves his cats, so I tolerated them. I would never ask him to give them up unless it was medically necessary or one of them hurt my kids. Once Jason and I got married, my allergies started to go away. God was obviously saying, "Well these cats are ok because your husband loves them." miraculously, they both started to love me. Cloe was no longer pissy all the time and Mama would nap with me, etc. So life with the cats has been fine. Jason has had to adapt to the fact that I see no distinction in how you treat cats and how you treat dogs. They are all animals, they are under the humans. PERIOD. He is over it. There are very few getting on counters in the kitchen, no getting on the kitchen table, and no getting on my pillow. The cats have complied. Well, they WERE complying. Cloe has in the last month decided to test her role in this house. It started slowly...getting on the table etc. Now it has gone to stalking the dogs and hissing at them when all they are doing is sleeping on THEIR bed. Now she will get in my lap at night, lay down and purr and then when I touch her bite the crap out of me. THIS DOES NOT FLY WITH ME! I would not allow a dog to act this way and I will not allow the cat to. Jason of course defends the cats saying that I should just let them be. Well, when she gets in my lap it is really not my choice then. So Cloe ran out in the backyard today and I went to retrieve her. She bit me and tried to get me with her back claws (she has no front claws). When I got in the house I *gently* put her down. This has got to stop. The spray bottle is back out and the war is on. This is my house and it will remain that way. Poor Jason! Thank goodness I still love and adore Mama Kitty. She is a sweetheart. Her daughter is the devil.