Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well, we had our last soccer game on Saturday. It went really well. The boys all had a fun season. Then Saturday afternoon the boys had a birthday party to go to. They had a blast and I have to admit it was nice to have some contact with other moms. It is hard when you are 25 and the mother of two boys...and another child on the way. Most women my age have no kids and are still extremely immature. Which at 25 is still expected. Then the people who do have kids the same age as mine are quite a bit older than me. So it is a catch 22. I am getting more comfortable with the age difference and am able to open up a bit more.

I have been feeling better with the Zofran. No more throwing up. Was pretty good the whole weekend, but am having a harder day today with the nausea. It is still better than it had been, so I am not complaining (much).

We looked at a house right down the street from Austin's school. We should know more maybe this week on if we are going to get in it or not. Be praying as we are getting to crunch time to get out of our apartment. (THANK GOD!)

This has been a totally random and very badly thought out post...sorry maybe my brain will be working better tomorrow.