Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well the boys had a wonderful Halloween. Due to cold, windy weather we decided to go out to the Grapvine Mills Mall and do our trick or treating there. It was awesome as we got to meet up with Brad, Shana and Bishop. It is the first time since I have moved here that we have met up, which is just totally unacceptable. Jason had to work late, so Aunt Kree accompanied the boys and I. Jason was sad he missed it. Especially since he realized when he got home that he didn't have his keys (he walks to work, as it is across the street). I was all the way inGrapvine, which is like 45 mins from where we live. So, he climbed up to our balcony, on the second floor, and got in. Silly! After we did the trick or treating we all went to the Rainforest Cafe in the mall and had dinner. Kids in costumes ate free, so that was a bonus. It was so good to see you Shana! We really must not let 3 more months go by before we get together again.
My nephew is home and doing well....go to my sister-in-law's site to read about their day home!
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