Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ADD and Pregnancy

Everynight I lay in bed to go to sleep and my mind races....I think of a million things to write about and then when I get time during the day to sit down and write....NOTHING. Blank.
This is what happens when you have a pregnant woman with ADD. I am off my medication, obviously because of the pregnancy. This is a problem since when I am pregnant I get somewhat forgetful and airheaded anyway. It is hard to get my mind wrapped around tasks that need to be done. It is funny, it doesn't affect me with the boys. I still want to play with them and take Brodie out to play while Austin is at school. I am still able to do my bible study, which I had my last meeting of yesterday. It is just other things that get to me. My frustration level is through the roof and it is causing me to lash out at the nearest target at times. Which is totally unfair and makes me feel like a royal witch. Things could be worse. I had 24 years of no medication to build some coping skills. So it isn't like I am helpless about it, just frustrated that it is so hard. Maybe now that I am in the second trimester things will ease up brainwise.
On a lighter and incredibly happy note....I felt the munchkin move. I was laying on the bed when *pop*. I love that feeling. It happened during a very down moment for me. So it was even better. Like munchkin knew I needed a little hello. While I am showing it is still not truly noticeable. Since I lost quite a bit of weight before the pregnancy I can even still wear my normal jeans, though it is infinitely more comfortable to wear maternity clothes.
That is all for now. I really want to write about the Beth Moore study that I just finished. Right now I am needed to play pizza delivery guy with Brodie. He loves playing that suddenly.