Monday, November 14, 2005


Austin had a choir performance at church last night. He is part of the Bootcamp program at church. That is the same program in which I am in charge of the 1st graders. The show was really cute, with the older kids doing little skits and stuff. Austin had a good time, though he looked confused the whole time. I finally figured out it was because he was trying to squint through the lights to see us all. We of course got the show on video for everyone to see at Thanksgiving. Brodie during a very quiet time said, "HI AUSTIN! He sees us Mom." So funny. The people behind us thought it was funny too. Kristin and Christian came to the show as well. Austin was excited that people actually came to see him. He is very used to rehearsal where there is no audience. We were very proud of him.

We did skip church yesterday. I hate skipping church...I really do. Brodie woke up badly and threw up a few times and I have been battling some massive headaches, so Jason just suggested we all stay home. It was a good call as my headache only got worse as the day went on. The good news is that my nausea seems to have gone away. I won't say for sure yet, but I have not taken any Zofran in a few days. So that is good news. I have also stopped losing weight it looks like. Which normally would not be a good thing, but during pregnancy it is a VERY good thing. Not sure that I am gaining any yet, but I have until the 30th before my next OB appointment. Jason is being wonderful about the pregnancy CRAZINESS that has taken over this house. I am definitely moody, so he is a champ about it.
Hope everyone has a great week!!!