Friday, November 04, 2005

Great News

Yesterday we got great news. We had our doctor's appointment. As soon as she put the doppler on my belly we heard the sweet heartbeat of our baby. My first thought was, "Thank you Jesus." I finally felt like I was able to breathe. I have still been struggling with morning sickness and fatigue. Wednesday I finally broke down about it. Luckily I have my wonderful Aunt Kree nearby. She came over and took over the house. She did all the dishes, cleaned out the fridge, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms and cleaned the boys rooms. Love her incredibly. It helped me so much. When they weighed me yesterday I dropped another 3 lbs. since last Tuesday. So that was not good...that means I have lost over 6 lbs since this all started. Finally, I am losing and it is not a good thing...drat! They gave me some meds finally to combat the sickness. YAY! Hopefully things will start to get better now. My stress level is down now BIG TIME, so it can only get better. I am showing pretty good now too...I can see people looking at my belly and you can tell they want to ask when I am due, but they are scared that I might not be preggers. I will be happy when it is REALLY obvious that I have a baby in there and not look like I might have just been hitting the beers a little too much.