Thursday, November 08, 2007


It is dark in my house and cold (which I loooooooooove). Everyone is sleeping except for me. I have been having contractions for over 24 hours now, but they are not getting strong yet or regular for that matter. THIS is the annoying part of pregnancy...the waiting. My mom decided to go ahead and come on down so that I can relax just in knowing that she is here when the big event does happen. I hope I didn't call her down here for nothing. I keep getting the comment, "You would think with your fourth kid you would be more sure about what is going on". I realize this, BUT each of my pregnancies and deliveries have been VASTLY different. The funny thing is that Evan has dropped so low that I am having trouble keeping my pants pulled up. Quite funny given how big I am right now.

The plan for today is to walk, walk, walk, walk. Even if it doesn't produce anything, it sure beats sitting around wondering.

(Beckie, we have Internet at the hospital....there will be at the very least an announcement ASAP after the little one makes his arrival)