Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Know any good "D" names?

As some of you have figured out...I have not been feeling well lately. And yes, we are expecting a brand new baby this fall. I was going to wait to announce it until we have the ultrasound on Thursday, but I have to explain the constant "sicks". (I have thrown up three times today...fun times).

No, we were not planning it. I was on the pill and I just finished nursing Chase 4 weeks ago. Not exactly my kind of timing, but it is going to be perfect. Chase will have a sibling close in age to him and that will be great. This also puts to bed any doubts about how many kids we want. Four is it for me....there will be surgery involved to insure that. Yes, this does put a kink in school plans, but I am very go with the flow. I had my first OB appointment this morning and my doctor was ecstatic to see me back. Everything is looking good. I have NO idea how far along I am. We are GUESSING that I am about 6-8 weeks, just by when the nausea started. I have not had a real period since October (you so wanted to know that) since I was nursing and on the pill. WE have an ultrasound on Thursday to more accurately date my due date.

So, now that I have spilled the beans I am off to bed.