Friday, April 20, 2007

Being an adult sucks sometimes...

The downside of Jason's new job is of course that we will be moving. It was hard decision for us to make. We are settled in this area and have friends and such. We love our church (we will still be driving over for church for the time being) and we know many of our neighbors. Brodie and Austin love playing with the girls next door, in fact Brodie is over there right now. When our sign went up in our yard the other day announcing to the neighborhood that this house was going to be available soon we got MANY knocks on the door. Our neighbors next door were saddest of all.

We could have gotten a bigger house in this the new baby wasn't a factor. What was the biggest factor was that I am selfish. Since we moved to the Dallas area we have always lived VERY close to Jason's work (walking distance). I like having him home at a decent time every night. I like that if I need him he can be home in 2 minutes. I like that when he gets off work he doesn't still have a 30 minute commute. We value our family life more than anything. So...that is why we are moving. Granted, we are moving less than 20 miles away and will still be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is still a big change.

One of the girls who lives next door just turned five....I love what she said to her mom about our move.

"We may no longer be living near each other, but we will always be together in Christ." Blew me away.