Friday, September 21, 2007

I am just boring these days...

You get random things today...just because I need to post.

* Jason and I went to the Dallas Stars game on Tuesday night. His company owns a box at the American Airlines Center. Awesome seats. Fun time. Very nice to get out for a few hours kid-free (thanks Kree and Chris).

* After an easy pregnancy I am entering the "OH MY GAWD I CAN NOT GET COMFORTABLE NO MATTER WHAT I DO" phase. Seriously. Every part of my body feels huge and yucky and it just isn't pretty.

* Chase (the monkey) can climb UP a very steep curly slide. He did this at Chick-fil-a yesterday. He thought it was HILARIOUS and refused to come back down. My friend Amanda had to climb up into the tubes and get him. Thank goodness she is the size of a 14 year old!

* Austin has had a bad week at school. He is grounded. However, I found out what is the worst punishment for him. We went to Walmart yesterday and on the way home I told him that when Jason got home from work that HE was going to tell Jason what happened at school. Austin FLIPPED OUT! Like hyperventilate almost throw up freak out. He did not want to disappoint Jason. Jason handle it really well and told him he needed to shape up and get back to doing what is expected of him. We shall see.

* 8 more weeks (give or take) until I am done being pregnant forever. Despite being uncomfortable I am a little sad about that, but very ready.

* We have chosen a first name....Evan. Got any middle name ideas?