Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bland and Tasteless...

I have about a million things I want to post about today, but don't have time to post them all. SOOOOOOOO...I will go with what has been going on with me. Over the weekend I had another "stomach attack". I say it like that because we really don't know what it is. It has happened about 5 times since July. The first time we blamed it on a stomach virus. We are waiting on some results from some blood work and then we will go for there. The three things that are most likely the culprit are: reflux (though my symptoms are not very consistent with it..this is what I HOPE it is cause it is the least worrisome), liver, or gallbladder. OR, it really could be coincidence and I may just be picking up random stomach bugs. OK, so that is four..I can't count.

I feel better now, but it was HORRID over the weekend. Poor Jason. I am grumpy anyway when I don't feel good, but add 32 weeks pregnant to the mix and ain't pretty! My doctor has advised that I go on a very bland diet either until we figure it out OR until I deliver. Which after delivery I will be dieting anyway, so really it doesn't matter. Sandwiches are quickly becoming my go to meal.

Otherwise, the pregnancy is going great. I went in to the OB yesterday. I am now measuring right on for my due date and his heart rate sounded wonderful. My weight actually maintained from two weeks ago (mostly due to the stomach thing I am sure).

So now I must go and attempt to find my house. I know it is under all this crap somewhere. Subject of posts to come...."Moms don't get sick days" and "Why people who cause drama suck."

Take care all!