Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hormonal Trappings...

A side effect of being pregnant is often the raging hormones. I have cried no less than 10 times today. It started in Joann's Fabrics when I couldn't make up my mind on fabric for the curtains in the den. Seriously. Another cry fest was when I was going through pictures to develop for Jason's office and decided that I want to go back to blond hair. I BAWLED! WHY?!?!? I mean really. It has continued on from there. I have cried over nothing and silly things. OH, I also cried because my last pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that I could still wear were just a tad too snug this morning. Hello.....I am 16 weeks pregnant with my FOURTH kid. I think I have gotten off good. And yet, I cry. In fact I am crying over how ridiculous I am right now.

Makes ya wanna get pregnant doesn't it?