Monday, May 21, 2007

Things that have very little to do with each other...

I have so much randomness going on in my head you get a random post.

* I am ashamed of the lack of cooking I have been doing lately. Seriously....bad. I love to cook, but we have been so busy it has just not happened. In fact, half my kitchen is already at the new house. After next week I can get back to my cooking normal (5-6 times a week).

* I was thinking about what I said the other day about this pregnancy being so unnoticeable. Well, I forget about the fact that I have been unbearably tired for the last month and half. I just forget that is part of pregnancy too.

* How did a brand new jar of Miracle Whip disappear? I just bought it is gone. How am I supposed to eat my sandwich without it?

* I have been on a cereal kick lately. Crispix has made up two meals of my day today.

* It may seem insane, but we are keeping our family physician once we move. We will drive 20 miles to see him...cause he rocks. He is just so awesome with our kids. He also always asks how the pregnancy is going and asks about Jason at every visit. I have had too many mediocre doctors and we found a good one.

* If someone waves at you when you are out in your front yard do you wave back? This seems to be a lost pleasantry.

* I have an obsession with the movie Sweet Home Alabama. I am not afraid to admit it. I have it recorded on DVR and have watched it every time I fold laundry (I am on a laundry craze right now). I cry every time when she is talking to her dead dog at the cemetery too. Poor Bear! Of course my watching it has NOTHING to do with Josh Lucas being yummy! NOOOOO!

* On that note, pregnant women should be banned from television. Weird crap makes us cry. I CRIED...I mean sobbing cried...watching Planet Earth (if you have not watched any of these, you need too). It wasn't even a sad part.

...More randomness to come, but right now my children call!