Saturday, June 10, 2006

Missing the boys

Chase is 4 weeks old today!!!!

I am really starting to miss Austin and Brodie. Don't get me wrong, I have been missing them since they left, it is just getting to an intense state now. Our house is much too quiet. I need some Austin and Brodie lovin'. Jason and I have enjoyed having some time with Chase to get settled in. And I know the boys are LOVING seeing their grandparents and all the rest of the family. That being said, their Mommy misses them terribly. The cats are even starting to miss them. We have had their bedroom door closed since they left. Today Cloe (devil cat) was clawing that their door and trying to look under it. I opened the door for her and BOTH cats bolted in there. They have since been sleeping on the bottom bunk of the bunkbeds. The dogs have been little attention hounds since the boys left. The boys are the ones that play with them outside most of the time.

Jason and I did some shopping today. Chase is a good shopper. He sleeps in his carseat in the stroller most of them time. He wakes up to eat and then is content to have Daddy tote him around. I pumped some milk today to start trying to get Chase to take a bottle on occasion. This is mostly so that when we go to the coast on vacation I am not totally attached to him and my mom can keep him some. I went to the store and Jason was left with Chase and a bottle. Little did we know that Chase does not care if it is Mom or the bottle as long as it is breastmilk. He gulped down all 6 oz in no time flat. Good to know! Now Mom can on occasion get some alone time. I still don't want him to have the bottle very often, but it is nice to have the option. Once I got back home from the store he wanted a little extra nursing time...he needed to make sure Mom was really back.

I have to say CONGRATS to Brad and Shana. Their new baby girl, Shayden Starr, was born yesterday morning. She was tiny little thing...weighing 6 lbs 8 oz. Big brother, Bishop, I know is so proud of his new sister. I will come see you soon Shana!!! Can't wait to meet Chase's new girlfriend :-) Love you guys!