Thursday, June 08, 2006


Do not let this adorable face fool you. Behind this face is so much gas you could launch a hot air balloon. For some reason Chase is a gassy dude. During the day it isn't too bad. I can usually burp most of it out of him (he gets rid of the rest via the southern route). Evenings are a different story. Every evening for a few hours Chase and I "fight". He is fussy and gassy and nothing seems to work. Then like magic, he conks out suddenly. It isn't too bad, but I never dealt with this with my older two so I am not real good at figuring out what to do for him yet. That being said, he is such a good baby otherwise. Once we are done "fighting" every night he sleeps really well, waking only to eat. I have been around some babies that cry a lot and are just hard to deal with...Chase is not one of them. After doing some reading we have pretty much come to the conclusion that it is just immature digestive system issues. Poor guy...I would be fussy if I were that gassy too.