Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Aunt Kree

There is a reason that my family says that my Aunt Kristin (Kree) and I can't be taken anywhere together. We proved that point very well yesterday.

Kree and I usually get together once or twice a week and hang out. We usually go somewhere like the mall and let Brodie run loose and then have lunch together. Yesterday after we had gone to lunch (at Blue Goose...super yummy) we were driving back to the mall to pick up my car. I was telling Kree a very funny story. I wish I could share that story here, but I can't. Not only that, but I doubt it would translate as funny in type as in person. So as I am telling her the story, or trying to anyway, we both start laughing so much that we can't breathe. There are times when Kree laughs so hard she gags. Yes, people I do get my weirdness from somewhere. So Kree starts of course, LaShawn and her weak gag reflex start up as well. We make it to the mall parking lot and then Kree has to stop and open the door. Oh yes, up came her taco and enchiladas from lunch. I tried to keep my ears plugged and I keep gagging. I throw up a tiny bit but it never actually makes it all the way out. Yes, isn't this a pretty story? So we calm down and I get in my car, get Brodie in and then we take off. I got stopped by a train and decided to find a mint in my car and as I am putting it in my mouth I can taste the "almost" throw up and have to pull over again. Yup, there went my enchiladas. The thing is....all the time through the throwing up...WE WERE STILL LAUGHING!!!! Oh we are sick twisted people. When I told Jason, he just said, "Oh, Ya'll are just weird". Yes, baby, yes we are!
Kree aren't you glad I shared???